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Originally Posted by Nflfan1287 View Post
Yeah I'm the who started the whole AJ Green frenzy I thought I had something great . I am sincerely sorry. I a going to take my AJ Green successes down so no one else asks for it anymore. If you could guys please take your "successes" down or at least state they are fake so the address stops circulating. Dan, could you please edit the comment on my thread so no one else sees the picture of it. I greatly embarrassed, sorry once again. Thank you for your time.
Same thing happened to Bryce Harper…then Mike AJ Green who's next? People need to stop abusing private addresses. I saw some post on another board that once someone get a successes, everyone send them too regardless if they are a fan or not. We have too much followers in the hobby, once someone gets something, everyone wants it too. Not say it is bad but when you have people who don't even like the player or watch them play send just to send, it abuses the addresses and the player simply stops or have ghost sign.

The first couple AJ Green successes might be real but when they start to get tons of mail his people probably started ghost signing.
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