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Originally Posted by danmecum51 View Post
No need to apologize or be sorry. I'm still happy with it. Shoot I sent to Arnold Palmer because I just wanted some of my photos signed. I'm still going to hang them up some day. If people ask me if they are real I'll say no. They still look good but are clearly auto pen. Same with AJ. His ghost signer or whoever did a damn good job because as chicken scratch as his autograph is, it looks close to it. I'm not going to take it down but I will note it is probably ghost signed.

As far as sharing addresses, I will try to help where I can. Established guys on here usually will get a response from me as far as if I have the address or if I can remember vaguely which address I used. Anyone with 0 or very few posts won't even get a return message. They troll the site looking for something free. I've spent a great deal of time and money getting some of these addresses why would I give them to some random guy wanting something free? Sorry if that is rude but that's how I think. I know raiderguy (Derrick) and iuhoosiers (Chris) don't post anymore because of several reasons including the previously stated.

Anyways, don't feel bad if you post a success and others follow you down a ghost signed path. You can't worry about everyone else. It cost me a little more than a $1 to get the AJ green and I was thrilled when I opened it up. That alone was worth $1 to me so thank you. I'm still happy with it for $1

If you asked me for an address, I would give it to you without hesitation but when I get messages from people who never even stop on here, I delete the message straight up.
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