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Default 2013 Contenders Football Case 16 Slot Team Snake Draft Style Break

Here is a link to the break video. Thanks again Everyone!

I figured i would host another break for the forum since people love Contenders every year. This break will be a 16 slot team draft snake break. It will be a single case but you get 2 teams in the break.

Approximate Release Date: Already Live!

2013 Panini Contenders Football Checklist, Set Info, Boxes, More


Case = $1560
$1560/16 = $97.50
Shipping/Supplies = $7 (All Cards will ship) (U.S. Price Only)
Fees = $3.42
Total per Slot = $107.93

Lets call it $108 for the first and $105 for each additional slot.

-3 or more slots will be shipped USPS PRIORITY!

Any location outside the U.S., please contact me via PM before joining so we can work out the shipping cost.

Rules for this Break (By joining this break, you agree to follow these rules)

1. If you hit a card worth $300 or more, I will ask you to pay for signature confirmation and insurance.
2. If you join this break, you must be willing to pay within 48 hours after the break goes active. Non payers will receive negitive Itrader Feedback!
3. If you join this break, please subscribe to this thread. It will make everything easier for you to keep track of.
4. Once you receive your cards, please post in the thread that your cards were received.
5. The host may be in this break.
6. The draft will happen the day following the random (random will be submitted as soon as everyone pays for their slots).

Draft Rules:

1. Each slot will have 30 minutes to make a pick. If you sell your pick, the time will not start over.
2. Snake draft will be the format, pick #1 through #16 then in reverse from #16 through #1 for a total of 32 teams selected.
3. Draft will start at 8 pm EST on the day following the random (weekday) or 1 pm EST if it is a Saturday or Sunday.
4. You must PM the next person and make a post in the thread after you send the PM so i can start the 30 minute clock for their pick.
5. The default team ranking is posted below in case someone doesn't make a pick in time. If you don't agree with my list, please pm me your draft wish list.

Other things to note:

1. Any card with more then 1 player / team or the card will go to team at the top unless it is autographed. All multi auto cards will be randomed by a Mod unless the participants that have ownership of that card agree to another arrangement.
2. Any card with a player wearing a different uniform then what is listed on the card will be given to the team listed on the card. (Example: DaRick Rodgers is in Bills Uniform but card says/has Colts logos. That card would go to the Colts)
3. Break will be LIVE and Recorded, i will post the link the day of the break.
4. Your cards will be sent out fast & secure!
5. I will leave iTrader feedback once the break is complete, please do the same.
6. I will provide scans of all the Auto's after the break.
7. Negitive feedback will be left for anyone who joins and doesn't pay by the deadline.
8. Shipping will include USPS tracking. Any additional service will be paid by you. (ie overnight or priority / insurance).
9. Selling outside of this Break is allowed but if you have more than 1 slot and sell 1 to anyone outside of the break you will pay the host for the additional shipping of that slot.


1. MWS - Green Bay Packers
2. adamdavidson47 - Buffalo Bills
3. whodaman2310 - Saint Louis Rams
4. maleone41 - San Francisco 49ers
5. jbmets95 - Pittsburgh Steelers
6. badsims - New York Jets
7. jk1323 - Denver Broncos
8. adamdavidson47 - Arizona Cardinals
9. oldgoldy97 - San Diego Chargers
10. maleone41 - Dallas Cowboys
11. Diem926 - Minnesota Vikings
12. mtlhawk33 - Cincinnati Bengals
13. bigsmitt92 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers
14. wfrazier - New England Patriots
15. adamdavidson47 - Kansas City Chiefs
16. FINS4LIFE - Philadelphia Eagles
17. FINS4LIFE - New Orleans Saints
18. adamdavidson47 - Washington Redskins
19. whodaman2310 - Houston Texans
20. bigsmitt92 - Seattle Seahawks
21. mtlhawk33 - New York Giants
22. Diem926 - Oakland Raiders
23. maleone41 - Miami Dolphins
24. oldgoldy97 - Tennessee Titans
25. adamdavidson47 - Jacksonville Jaguars
26. jk1323 - Indianapolis Colts
27. badsims - Detroit Lions
28. jbmets95 - Chicago Bears
29. maleone41 - Baltimore Ravens
30. adamdavidson47 - Atlanta Falcons
31. 03supto - Carolina Panthers
32. adamdavidson47 - Cleveland Browns


1. MWS - Green Bay Packers
2. adamdavidson47 - Buffalo Bills, Cleveland Browns, Jacksonville Jaguars, Atlanta Falcons, Washington Redskins, Kansas City Chiefs & Arizona Cardinals
3. whodaman2310 - Saint Louis Rams & Houston Texans
4. maleone41 - San Francisco 49ers, Dallas Cowboys, Miami Dolphins & Baltimore Ravens
5. jbmets95 - Pittsburgh Steelers & Chicago Bears
6. badsims - New York Jets & Detroit Lions
7. jk1323 - Denver Broncos & Indianapolis Colts
8. 03supto - Carolina Panthers
9. oldgoldy97 - San Diego Chargers & Tennessee Titans
10. FINS4LIFE - Philadelphia Eagles & New Orleans Saints
11. Diem926 - Minnesota Vikings & Oakland Raiders
12. mtlhawk33 - Cincinnati Bengals & New York Giants
13. bigsmitt92 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers & Seattle Seahawks
14. wfrazier - New England Patriots



Box 3 hits:

Box 4 hits:

Box 5 hits:

Box 6 hits:

Box 7 hits:

Box 8 hits:

Box 9 hits:

Box 10 hits:

Box 11 hits:

Box 12 hits:


Always Looking for Cincy Bengals Rc Auto's (AJ Green, Gio Bernard & AJ Mccarron Mostly)

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