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Default 2009/10 Panini Hall of Fame Basketball Case Break

Payment Information!!!

1 spot: $29.25
2 spots: $56.50
3 spots: $83.75
4 spots: $111.00

My paypal address jtmorgan [at]

Of course use @ instead of [at], but this is just to protect from spam scanning crap that picks up e-mails at will.

Alright guys, I'm off work right now and rather bored out of my mind. Been trading and selling to buy, just to keep my sanity, so I figured perhaps it's time to hold a group break. I figured I'd switch things up this time by doing Basketball since all I've hosted thus far is football. I saw a few other products I wanted to bust, but then I saw this and regardless of the sport...I love Hall of Famers. So what better product to bust than a HOF product?

We are going to be breaking a full 15 box case of 2009/2010 Panini Hall of Fame Basketball.

Product Breakdown:

- 2 Autographs
- 1 Memorabilia
- 1 Common Black Border
- And 7 Others


- Dream Team Marks Of Fame (#'d to 49 Or Less)
- Famed Cuts - Cut Signatures From 16 Hall Of Fame Legends!

- FAMED SIGNATURES - On-Card Autographs of Hall of Famers!
- HALL OF FAME MONIKERS - Autograph displaying a legendary player with his/her nickname!
- DREAM TEAM GAME THREADS - Material Cards featuring regular and prime swatches from the actual Game-Used 1992 U.S. Men's Olympic Jerseys!


Base Set (150)
Common Black Border (# to 199)
Common Marble (# to 1)

Famed Fabrics (24) - #'d to 325 or less
Famed Fabrics Prime (max # to 10 or less)

Famed Signatures (64) - #'d to 899 or less

Famed Cuts (16) - #'d to 25 or less

High Class (5)
High Class Black Border (# to 199)
HC Marble (# to 1)

Hall of Fame Monikers (25) - #'d to 299 or less

Dream Team (11)
Dream Team Black Border (max # to 99 or less)
DT Marble (# to 1)
DT Game Threads (# to 499)
DT Game Threads Prime (# to 25)
DT Marks of Fame (max # to 49 or less)

High Praise (9)

Scoring Legends (20)
Scoring Legends Black Border (# to 199)
SL Marble (# to 1)
SL Game Threads (max # to 249 or less)
SL Game Threads Prime (max # to 25 or less)

For full details, go here:
2009/10 Panini Hall of Fame Basketball Hobby 15 Box Case - $1,369.00 : Blowout Cards - Sports Cards and Trading Cards Wholesale Online Store

So, from what information there is available, there are 3 hits per box with 8 other cards. Not sure if this could include hits or what it might include, but I will build this break based on this information, and if need me, I will change it, which no doubt would only LOWER the price.

Here is the breakdown:
  • 48 Total Spots
  • 45 Hits
  • 3 - 5 Box Base/Insert Spots

Current price:
$1250 For the Case (Price quote from Blowout.)

Spot Breakdown:
Base Price/Spot: $26.05
Shipping + Supplies: $3.00/spot
Paypal: $1.18

First spot: $30.25
Each Additional: $28.00

Again, these prices are based on current price on blowout's site and may go down after we get a price quote from them, which I will seek out once I find there to be interest in this break.

If Panini releases that there are more hits as they did with Limited football last year, I will be randoming off the extra spots via as I did last year, unless the break is not full, then I will add spots accordingly and immediately drop the price.

Just let me know if you are interested and I'll gladly mark you down for as many spots as you wish. Payment will not be collected until the break is full and moved to active. I am willing to do more than one case, though, if there is enough interest.

Bold means paid.

Case 1:
1. armyatc22
2. armyatc22
3. armyatc22
4. jbarnett83
6. Haljordan2010
7. Haljordan2010
8. flashdog5
9. SportsCardGirl
10. SportsCardGirl
11. caltek3
12. caltek3
13. caltek3
14. caltek3
15. Straw44
16. Straw44
17. Straw44
18. Straw44
20. philphan25
21. mrmil0
22. mrmil0
23. mavsfan
24. suki24
25. jbarnett83
26. Canucksfan1812
27. jimmytaylorbum
28. mickdapug
29. mickdapug
30. flashdog5
31. flashdog5
32. Bengals4life
33. Sidelinesports
34. Sidelinesports
35. Sidelinesports
36. Dacubs
37. mavsfan
38. lrogge1979
39. lrogge1979
40. lrogge1979
41. ewalk22
42. ewalk22
43. ewalk22
44. flashdog5
45. mickdapug
46. SportsCardGirl
47. SportsCardGirl
48. SportsCardGirl

Selling off most of my HOF collection.

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