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Aside from the Crosby and Brodeur, I would have to agree that this was a pretty rough case. Like you, I look at the value for price paid, and at $1440 per case you are talking 48 cards which means you paid $30 per card. Maybe I am wrong, but I only see 3, and maybe barely a 4th card that would bring in $30 or more. You're looking at it from a return on investment basis which is just gambling, no different then buying scratch tickets. So, when looked at it in this manner, 99 times out of 100 you are going to be unhappy. It's just the odds, very rarely do you buy a box or case and break even or come out ahead.

That being said, sorry for the bad luck, and if you decide to sell the Derek Stepan redemption, please shoot me a PM. Thanks
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