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Originally Posted by Trouty View Post
I have done edits for and they all either tweeted me thanking me or sent me stuff:
Reese McGuire (sent gloves)
Keenyn Walker (sent cleats)
Dominic Smith
Gavin Cecchini
Tyler Beede (His dad tweeted me asking for more pictures)
Kris Bryant (His girlfriend tweeted me a couple times thanking me for the pictures, his cousin also follows me)
Addison Russell
Carlos Rodon
Alex Jackson
Jonathan Gray
Nick Powell (Manchester United player)
Byron Buxton (sending!)
Tyler Danish
Todd Cunningham
Clint Frazier
Archie Bradley
Alex Jackson! I heard he is already sick of signing so that may be why he didn't send you anything. I think he got hit hard in LA and Florida.

Its going to be tough getting the rest of my photos and cards signed!
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