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Originally Posted by SDcardguy24 View Post
Yeah I know he had some question marks back then but he was still projected as a top 50 draft pick by many and even had those Troy Glaus comparisons back then! I saw him at the AFLAC game for the top 50 HS players (along with Bryce Harper). I'm guessing a lot of teams thought he had a really firm commitment to USD and college. Heck some people wanted him to apply to become a Rhodes scholar in 2013!

"Bonanza High senior Kris Bryant has more mail delivered to the West Las Vegas school than most teachers.

Then again, the teachers aren't star baseball players who are expected to be drafted in the first round of June's First-Year Player Draft.

Bryant, a 6-foot-5, 200-pound slugging infielder who hit home runs in six straight games as a sophomore and has a full scholarship to the University of San Diego, has received roughly 20 requests for his autographs in the mail.

One request came from someone in Oconomowoc, Wisc., who asked Bryant to return his autograph on a game-used batting glove. Others include items they would like signed.

Bryant, who has 103 hits and a .958 career slugging percentage in three years on the varsity team, doesn't mind the requests. He finds it flattering that someone who lives thousands of miles away is interested in his career."
I just googled that, oh wow, I didn't know he got so much mail even before he went to USD. I have been a Bryant fan since his first year at USD, glad I got my batting glove early :special:
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