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Not only did he say it would be in there, ITS ON the stinkin sell sheet Blowout posted direct from Razor. I sent an email to Razor about it, and my guess is some other people probably did along with reading this board? I know they have an employee who reads here because he blasted me for questioning the 09 Vault when they were selling the best hits on an account. This product is a great idea, but you need a company with integrity to release it. Not sure who that would be, I bet Wheeler has a suggestion lol. Seriously though, I was kinda hyped on this product, now I wouldnt touch the junk and the word Im sure will soon spread. Id be shocked if a real non related to the company customer hits any of these top cards. Considering he is already trying to sell a card he invested in for this product, that says enough. It appears if he bought it for this product, he had NO INTENTION of putting it in the packs/boxes. Buyer beware. Would love to hear the line of trash he would come up with for this one.
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