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Originally Posted by superjames27 View Post
i found this thread ironic because i think that many posters in this thread prices suck lol im looking at you jms
This is at least the second time you've called me out on this in public. The first time I let it go but this time I wont. The funny thing is that I actually went in on the cards you specifically asked for and made them all the lowest on the site after you asked about them. Even that wasn't enough for you as you are an extreme lowballer. I have too many cards to keep up with all of the pricing. Sometimes the values move down and I don't notice so my cards stay up. Sometimes the values go up and I don't notice and I am way underpriced. I am almost always the lowest or in the lowest three at the time I list my cards though unless it is rare or the only card on site. Then I price more aggressively as most sellers do. If another then gets added and I didn't notice then my card is higher but the only one that hurts is me. None of my prices are intentionally ridiculous and if they are and someone lets me know then I adjust them just as I did for you. I also allow 45% off offers. Not that I will accept them on everything but it is something that sellers like Joel don't do.

Moral of the story? Piss off. If you want to lowball and be a cheap arse fine. But don't call me out in public because I wont roll over for you. You feel entitled that just because you are collecting a set that everyone should give them to you.
I would ban you but I have no sway or pull here.

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