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Originally Posted by gonzagacubs View Post
I am a big time Blackhawks fan, but even I would take Crosby over Toews.

Crosby is the most exciting player to watch with the puck. Toews is great, don't get me wrong, but Crosby is on another level. I think a lot of Toews success can be atributed to playing on arguably the best line in hockey with Sharp and Hossa.

Both are great players, and any franchise would be thrilled to have either of them as their captain.
Agreed point for point. I would love for Buffalo to have either of them, as players of their ilk are in short supply. I do agree also that Toews has those Cups not just because he's the best in the world, according to some posters, but because his team is probably the most balanced in the league. Pittsburgh for years has been very top-heavy with forwards, but not so much on the back end. Look what happened the year their defense played cohesively and MAF was solid, they won the Cup. What the OP is missing I think is that it's a team game, and one man just cannot will a team to a Cup, especially over the course of a long play-off.
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