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Originally Posted by TASS View Post
This West Coast trip has become a disaster!

The B's have not played an entire 60 min. game in well over a week and last night was another game where they gave up (2) quick goals and were never able to recover.

Heading into their arguably toughest game against the Sharks this just might very well turn out to be a winless road trip!

What is most concerning is the pattern this team is starting to fall into, defensive breakdowns leading to numerous turnovers in their own end combined with a general lack of neutral zone chemistry could make these games leading up to the Olympic break a very trying time!

Tuukka and the current defense have struggled since the injury to Seidenberg making the need to pick up a veteran defenseman all the more necessary prior to the trade deadline.

As this current group of defenseman stand they will not go far into the playoffs without making a key acquisition! There have been rumors that they have been talking to Winnipeg about the possibility of bringing back Mark Stuart which would be a smart move IMO as he knows the system and was effective in his previous stint with the B's.

GO B'S GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think defense has been pretty weak these past two weeks. There have a been bone head plays that have cost us as well as a lack of agression on defense. I think the B's should be fine with the group they got but their play needs to step up.

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