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Exclamation Free Basketball Break! Join here... CLOSED!

You do not have to be present in the room to win.

Originally Posted by houdini View Post
Back scans... just add them later. No sweat!

I will update shortly!

Yes, break will happen even if we have less than 30 - no sweat!

So, what's the catch?

All you have to do is post an auction here on Blowout starting at $1. That's it.

I don't want you to give me any of the proceeds from your auction either. Just post an auction and sell a card. You keep the profit AND get a free spot in the break tonight!

Where do you post an auction you say? Right here: Basketball Auctions Ending Thursday at 10:00pm EST/7:00pm PST - Blowout Cards Forums

(You can post a football or baseball auction too - I don't care which sport you choose.)

One spot per person please, but feel free to post multiple auctions.

How do you post an auction and what are the auction rules you ask? They are here: Auction Rules (please read before participating)

Your auction won't show up immediately, but just post here the name of your auction/card and claim your spot. As long as you posted a real auction for a card that will actually sell, you are good.

Please don't post a common card or something nobody is going to want... post a card that will really sell, ok? The auction has to start at $1, but it won't end until Thursday the 16th.

You must be 18+ and a member since at least October 2013 with no negs in the last 6 months to post an auction.

I will be giving away 30 teams via and there are 4 hits in the box - 2010/11 Panini Season Update. I am not shipping base, but I will be shipping all hits for free.


1 EJames
2 crazymj
4 armyatc22
5 dbaks
6 Noah
7 csrockerzero
8 pyweed
9 pkscards
10 Sportscard Fan
11 streetlamp
12 green4407
13 thehueys
14 773cards
15 Jake128387
16 XL5
17 tnccardz7282
18 cowboyfaninlr
19 EJames
20 poipounda
21 Aaron

If more than 30 members participate, I will award teams to 30 random members via If more than 50 members participate, I will add another box and run two breaks!

I am running a similar break in the baseball section. You may join both, but if you do, please post at least 3 auctions total. Sound fair?
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