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Originally Posted by gonzagacubs View Post
No offense, but I you could be a little less biased, everything you have presented might be able to hold a little more water.
Biased by pointing out fact?
Originally Posted by gonzagacubs View Post
I am not going to address everything in the thread, just what you have responded to me. I was not slighting Toews at all. Please do not twist my words. I merely stated the fact he plays on arguably the best line in the NHL. Sharp has been the model of consistency for the Hawks since joining them years ago. He has always produced. Just leave it at that.
But, check out his statistics while playing with Toews compared to playing with a different center. Of course he has always produced, but he produces more on wing with Toews.
Originally Posted by gonzagacubs View Post
Also, I am not sure you have noticed, but Toews is just as guilty of complaining to the refs as Crosby. Both of them do it constantly. I am a big time Hawks fan, and even I can see that. Irritates the heck out of me, just shut up and play hockey.
Toews doesn't have the sense of entitlement Crysby feels he deserves, which separates them onto two different levels. Every player cries to the refs, but nobody does it as frequently as good ol Sid. If Sid gets his feelings hurt, the game stops so the refs can comfort him. Toews complains, then its over.

Why, take last years playoffs. Zetterberg mugged Toews to the point that Toews snapped. Toews complained, then went to the box where Seabrook calmed him down. Crysby, while in the process of being swept by the Bruins,in game one, no less, had a huge tantrum in the middle of the ice when the period ended and felt the need of the refs embrace before he would leave the ice and join the team he had forsaken only because his master (Chara) gave him a love tap. He put himself above his team and sadly, you can relive it all over again on Youtube.

Toews, btw, got a clothesline from Chara in the Cup finals. What did he do? Set up Bickell for the game changing goal right after. No crying about being wronged, just a mans man doing a man job. A days pay, if you will.

Good reply.

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