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Originally Posted by LGBuffalo View Post
So the bottom line is, no one is going to convince you that Toews isn't the best player in the world. Despite the fact that there isn't one person in really any connected hockey circle that will agree with you, you're still going to say what you will. That's fine. It's your opinion, and you're welcome to it. You're being very glib with your argument by boiling down the quality of a player to his achievements in a team forum. You realize it's a large fallacy to say that Toews is better because he won more Cups than Crosby. This argument works in golf and bowling, but that's about it. Championships are team events, and one player over a 100 game season (regular and play-offs) is not the sole difference. No one is arguing with you that Toews has more Cups than Crosby. What they're saying is your arrogance and close-mindedness is ultimately where your argument is failing. You're responding on your terms of argument and not a common ground that is generally accepted when comparing players. Here's some food for thought though; Crosby is the 2x recipient of the Ted Lindsay award, or league MVP as voted by players in the NHL. Toews has not won once. Thus, twice in his career, Crosby was voted, by his peers as the best player (not just forward) in the league. Toews never won the award. Therefore, player to player, I'm taking Crosby.

yes he clearly isn't going to see things clearly and for sure won't sway anyone else's mind that knows hockey and has seen both players play plenty of times. Toews is great but heck a lot of people including myself would rather have Kane on a team over Toews. He tries to state facts but the fact is Crosby absolutely is on a slightly higher level than anyone else in the NHL when he is healthy and playing. But its what happens, you have a player easily on top of their league like him or Lebron James or Miguel Cabrera and there will be those that attempt to dispute their success or call them insulting nicknames. He's welcome to his opinion while we're all laughing on the inside :special:
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