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Originally Posted by duwal View Post
yes he clearly isn't going to see things clearly and for sure won't sway anyone else's mind that knows hockey and has seen both players play plenty of times. Toews is great but heck a lot of people including myself would rather have Kane on a team over Toews. He tries to state facts but the fact is Crosby absolutely is on a slightly higher level than anyone else in the NHL when he is healthy and playing. But its what happens, you have a player easily on top of their league like him or Lebron James or Miguel Cabrera and there will be those that attempt to dispute their success or call them insulting nicknames. He's welcome to his opinion while we're all laughing on the inside :special:
Agreed. I mean to be honest, I'm not the biggest Crosby supporter myself, as his antics did get annoying, especially early in his career. However, there's no denying his talent and the fact that he's deemed the best in the league for a reason.

Originally Posted by k13 View Post
Toews is not even a Top 10 player. Thanks for the laugh.

Stanley Cups are really overrated anyway.

Put him on Calgary/Buffalo and he never wins any.....
I should be offended by the Buffalo comment, but alas it's true!

Originally Posted by frozenntimesports View Post
He's in my Top 10. There are guys like Toews and Mike Richards who are more valuable than stats indicate, that said, Sidney Crosby is the best player in the world and AO is the best goal scorer in the world, Toews isn't in the same neighborhood.

Can we please stop calling him Crysby? I loathe the Penguins, but the Crysby thing is overblown.
Agreed here too. The whole Crysby thing really shows that this is not a debate, but ultimately a forum for the OP to show his disdain for one player, and to herald another.
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