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I was assuming dealer cost was something like $200.

$200 (price of each pack) x 1794 (number of packs) = $358800 (Around how much Razor will bring in).

Assuming 80% ROI is correct. That means 358800 x 80% = $287040 (money Razor spent on cards). This is assuming we are calling value ebay prices and not beckett book value.

$358800 - $287040 = $71760 (money Razor should profit before shipping, handling, labor, packing fees, etc....)

Just for fun say $287040 is what they spent on the cards. If you take out the top 3 cards (Stras, Heyward and the Lebron) that will put it down to at elast $250000. $250000/1791 = about $140 a box return (if you don't pull one of the big 3). And if they sell for $250 a pop. You'll be losing on average $110.

We'll have alot better understanding how well everyone can fair once we see the checklist but on average probably a $110 loss?

Side Question: How many Razor Legends of the Diamonds packs were made? I notice that unopened boxes are drying up and, as mentioned before, still no 1952 Mantle.
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