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Went straight to the mail room after class, had one successes. Alexander Buttner, the Dutch international football who currently plays for Manchester United. He definitely showed some signs of potential and a lot of energy last season but he did not get much playing time under Moyes this season. There has been speculations that he will be sold or loaned out soon but frankly I think Moyes isn't doing the best with team selecting, he should either loan out Buttner or Zaha to get playing time outside OT.

When I opened the envelope, I figured it would be Michael Carrick since it was UK stamped and I saw some successes from Carrick this week. Surprise to see it was Buttner and on last season's club card. It was postmarked on the 1/2/14 which is odd considering mail from UK usually takes 3-4 days but it might just be my mailroom lady.

Would love to get more TTMs out but I am running low on envelopes.

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