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Originally Posted by Mikegioseffi View Post
please make sure and leave a negative asap. thats another way the rest of us are warned not to deal with this clown.

and with the claim, if you look at the dispute there should be a place that says escalte. it might be under actions, if you still cant find it i would call paypal directly. they have always been really helpful when ive had to deal with them
You can not escalate until 5 days or so after you open the claim. Paypal sends a message to the seller and alerts them that you opened a claim, they hope that the seller responds and you can work it out. If you look at the claim it will tell you when you can escalate and a button will appear on that day to escalate. Also once you escalate wait like 2 days and call paypal and tell them the details and usually they will close the case and refund your money right then.
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