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Originally Posted by 223 View Post
There is no player in the NHL you could trade one for one to get Crosby. There are two that would get you Toews in a one for one. Malkin or Stamkos.
And to that, I say why, would the Hawks want to trade away their franchise player for either?

What does Malkin do? Is he better offensively? Sure he is, but the Hawks don't have any problems scoring goals. Is he better defensively then Toews, good lord, not even in the same ball park. He is also injury prone, so again, why would the Hawks want him? If anybody wanted Toews, a severe over payment would be the only option. That's reality, sadly.

Stamko's? Why would the Hawks want another scoring winger and lose their franchise center? When did the Hawks suddenly forget to score?

Good reply
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