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Originally Posted by thetheham View Post
LOL Whut?

Selke Votes by year for Bergeron

03/04- 0 votes
04/05 lockout
05/06- 0 votes
06/07- 0 votes
07/08- 0 votes
08/09- 0 votes
After playing with Toews
09/10- 4 votes
10/11- 59 votes
11/12- wins Selke
12/13- 164 votes


Good reply tho. Keep em coming.
Sure more BS, Keep it coming!

Playing 2 weeks with Toews changed HIS game with the Bruins, had nothing to do with the fact he got better linemates along with a vastlyl improved team, you really are clutching now!

The reason Toews finally won the Selky is obviously because he played along side Bergeron and naturally won the award the following season!

Toews is an equivalent player to Bergeron as they both have won (1) Selky Trophy, Bergeron is a better 2 way player as he won the Selky before Toews, see what I did there!!

Check the votes, Toews numbers improved after playing with Bergeron, I think the improvement in Toews overall defensive game is a direct result of playing with and learning from Bergeron who is arguably one of the best two way players in the game.

Hmmmm Good stats keep em coming
So if I am going to be a hater who hates the Patriots then buddy I am going to be the best damn hater I can be. I AM ALL IN.

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