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Originally Posted by thetheham View Post
and right from the start, this is just one example of why there's no legitimate debate here. Crosby haters are blinded by their irrational hate (or maybe it's secret love) of Crosby.

Originally Posted by thetheham View Post
Ovechkin has been a more dominant player then Crysby, imo, and has yet to drink from Lord Stanleys Cup.
how exactly has Ovechkin been more dominant? he scores goals... but he doesn't win as much. his overall stats aren't as good. he doesn't make those around him that much better (see, Kunitz). Ovechkin is a great goal scorer.... if that's what determines dominance then we can end the whole debate right here because Crosby has more goals than Toews. so, therefore, Crosby is dominant over Toews by your logic.

Originally Posted by thetheham View Post
Subjective when he was given that honor by the Olympic committee? (shakes head).
that's pretty much the definition of subjective. it was given to him by a committee. and we won't even bother discussing the ethical lapses of Olympic committees.

Originally Posted by thetheham View Post
What does, exactly, Sidney Crysby do? Win Cups? Toews has won one more and will captain his team to yet another one this year. I don't understand what it is that Crysby does outside of scoring.
here's that irrational hatred (love) again. let's see... he scores goals, he creates opportunities/assist for others, he keeps his team winning, he's been to 2 Finals and won 1 Cup, so far. then there's the scoring titles, mvp, olympic gold, etc. not to mention he represents as the face of the NHL.

stop acting as if Toews has 5 Cups and Crosby has none. Toews has 1 more, Crosby has plenty of seasons left in him and this is his first healthy one if 4 years.

and when Chicago doesn't win the Cup this year, and they won't, i'll be sure to remind you of your prediction.

Originally Posted by thetheham View Post
I think it was Crysby who scored the "golden goal". The "star" of the team just got off the ice and was catching his breath
spin it however you want... Toews wasn't even on the ice. Crosby took control, made the play and scored the winning goal.

for years to come when Canadians remember the Gold Goal they'll talk about Crosby, mention Iginla but Toews will never come up.

the title of your thread is almost proof enough.... Toews vs Crosby. as i've said before, no debate about who is the best takes place unless it's [insert name] or Crosby. he's the standard which others, including Toews, are judged by.
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