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Originally Posted by thetheham View Post
And to that, I say why, would the Hawks want to trade away their franchise player for either?

What does Malkin do? Is he better offensively? Sure he is, but the Hawks don't have any problems scoring goals. Is he better defensively then Toews, good lord, not even in the same ball park. He is also injury prone, so again, why would the Hawks want him? If anybody wanted Toews, a severe over payment would be the only option. That's reality, sadly.

Stamko's? Why would the Hawks want another scoring winger and lose their franchise center? When did the Hawks suddenly forget to score?

Good reply

Chicago couldn't get Crosby for Toews and Saad. Stop.

Team need you say? OK, I'll play along. They wouldn't give up Malkin for anything less than Toews and that's simply swapping centers. Malkin carried Pittsburgh by himself when Crosby was hurt. Toews has never done that nor could he. He doesn't score enough. You can go on about the Gold Medal all you want. Even throw in the two Cups if you'd like but Malkin has a Conn Smythe himself. You can even argue Toews is better defensively which he is however....

He wouldn't have won the Selke if Datysuk didn't have concussion issues that year. You can argue otherwise until you're blue in the face. Considering they were in the same division last year you would have seen this even if you won't acknowledge it. Toews would not have won it. It's that simple.

Tampa wouldn't give up the best goal scorer in the league for him. Arguing over a need vs strength and why it would be practical isn't the argument or point I'm trying to make. Whether Chicago needs another goal scorer or not was not the point of my statement. Simply pointing out that if Toews is the player you feel he is then tell me which elite player in the league they could get for him in a one for one deal? I've just given you two that wouldn't get it done.

You can't name me one player in the NHL Pittsburgh would trade Crosby one for one.

If you want to kick it back to "well that's not a need" then be my guest. If Toews is the best thing on skates then there's no GM in the league who wouldn't trade whatever they had to get him.
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