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Originally Posted by thetheham View Post
By replying to all the Crysby apologists with proven fact about Toews? It takes very little effort pointing that out, so again, square one. Two Cups next to one for two players who are captains of their respected teams and considered the cogs of their franchises. What part of that cannot be proven, again?
if this is your argument, then it's an intellectually dishonest one. you're ignoring the fact that Crosby lost the better part of 4 seasons to injuries. including missing 20+ games while injured the year they lost in the finals to Detroit.

now that he's healthy, let's see how it works out.

has Toews taken his team on a 15 game win streak? has he led a roster full of AHL'ers to the most wins so far this season?

here's a good article on not only why Crosby is the best, but why he's actually underrated... Why Sidney Crosby is actually underrated - NHL -
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