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I love this guys argument. Ill lay it down like this

Crosby created 2 20+ goal scorers. Who you ask? Ryan Malone and Colby Armstrong. Where is Colby and Malone now?

Who did Toews make better? Kane? Kane was already better.

How many MVP's does Toews have?

How many Scoring titles does Toews have?

How many Richard Trophys does Toews have?

How many times has Toews matched Crosbys scoring even when Sid was injured for half seasons.

Who were Kunitz and Dupris before Crosby?

Toews is a great talent but simple fact is if you put Toews on Pittsburgh the Pens don't win in 2009. If you put Crosby on Chicago your looking at a possible Dynasty.

Also I look at Crosbys whinning as this. If you know your gonna get the call 60% of the time and put your high powered offense on the power play and win more games then I ask you why not? If Toews was as good as Crosby maybe he would use his whinning abilities to grab some more calls.

Until you can answer those questions with Toews having more of those things then Sid you lose.

Note to OP you don't beat the Flyers if KANE doesn't score the OT winner. NOT TOEWS
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