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Default Star Wars Galactic Files Series 2 - Case Break

Not a bad case. Some nice sketches and parallels



Red Parallels (602 is numbered 35/35!)

Gold Parallels, Red Title Card Parallel and 2 001/350 Blues!:


Yoda by Mike Vasquez
Leia by Sarah Wilkinson / Sabé by Mary Bellamy / Sy Snootles by Jeremy R Scott
Chewbacca by Nicole Falk / Darth Maul by Dennis Salvatier / Old Ben by Robert Teranishi

More Sketches :

Greedo by Tim Proctor / Boba Fett by Scott Houseman / Darth Vader by Patricia Ross
Stormtrooper by Bob Stevlic / Padme by Brandon Gallo / Leia by Ashleigh Popplewell
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