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Toews is my favorite player, and the only player whose cards I collect. That being said, a few comments:

1) Crosby is the best player in the world.

2) Crosby's whining is much better than in the early part of his career, and the crybaby comments now seem silly.

3) Anyone who says Toews is not a top-10 talent obviously has never played the game and has no grasp of what wins games. The last Hockey News poll of coaches and GMs had him third behind Crosby and Malkin. He's a point per game guy who plays defense as well as any forward, wins faceoffs and kills penalties.

4) I think Crosby should captain the Olympic team. His leadership skills are overlooked, but he has the players' respect.

5) I wonder how often the Pens regret drafting Jordan Staal second overall in 2006, leaving the Hawks to take Toews with the next pick.

6) Crosby's defensive play is underrated.

Two great players, both of whom will be in the Hall of Fame. Toews is an awesome player, and there's no shame in being behind Sid on any list.
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