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Originally Posted by VeedonFleece View Post
JMS doesn't do promos so good luck with that!
You are correct sir. It made me smile when he posted that just for that reason. He wants things given to him which is perfectly fine as I've been known to throw out lowball offers as well. What pisses me off is that I have never and would never publically bash out of nowhere said seller. James has done it to me twice now. He may want to think twice about doing it again as I'm pretty sure I still have the pm's. I was more than accomodating. I asked what cards he was interested in, made sure each one was the absolute lowest on the site and even welcomed him to make lower offers. He came off entitled and demanding and was bad mouthing the cards. Not sure why he wanted them so bad if they were all so crappy. In any event I just let it go but he has now twice attacked me out of the blue. If there is a huge Richard in the thread I'm not sure that it is Joel.
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