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Originally Posted by marino5084 View Post
Criticism is fine. That's not what is taking place hear. People are out right making fun of the man as if they had a right (as you stated) to do so.

Live and let live, it makes you a better person.
I kind of see both sides of this. Joel made the videos and put them out into the public. Once you do that you are welcoming anything that occurs. Maybe he gets mocked, maybe he makes new friends, maybe he becomes a huge Youtube star which leads to movie roles an Oscar and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The point is that Joel by what I can gather is a pretty smart guy. He chose to put this videos out and is aware of the downfalls. I have no sympathy for any comments made towrds them or hard feelings he may get from them. However, I don't feel the need to attack him personally.

Are the videos corny and self absorbed? Sure. Would I have done them? No. Is my life any more exciting than his which would have made for more entertaining videos? Probably not. Therefore I don't see how people have the "right" to make fun of him but also have a hard time criticizing them for doing it. Live and let live is certainly the higher moral ground. I wish I could say that it is always the road I take but sadly I can't.
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