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Thanks for the responses. I always get a bit annoyed when receiving unsolicited "offers" like in A) and B) above when I post a card on sketchcollectors. Frequently it equates to "will you sell me that card in your collection for cheap?". That's why I think it is most efficient to just take the bull by the horns and go with C) if you truly are interested in a card. That way there is no ambiguity as to the price you are willing to pay including the price of shipping to your country.

I have no problems answering set dollar offers with a yes or no, and be done with it i've sold quite a few cards this way that I wasn't actively shopping around). In all honesty, I tend to just ignore A) and B) inquiries unless it is from someone that I have already done deals with (even then I prefer C).

That said, is anyone ever annoyed when they receive a C) offer? It is the one I tend to do the most due to it's streamlining the back and forth, but I might consider changing my ways if people find it annoying.

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