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Originally Posted by groundsupport View Post
There are plenty of what "ifs"...

He played in the era that it was ok to use it... So he was tied to it as many many many other stars were as well.. Since then he hasn't been busted with it.

Then his name was put on a list and MLB went on a witch hunt trying to dig up anything and everything. Which in fact, all they had to do is get him to fail a drug test.

Bottom line, when you're fighting for 25 millions dollars or so, you'd do anything to get that money that is owed to you, especially when the man believes he is innocent.

Who's to say whats in the documents? Did he know? Maybe he went after them to find out what was said about him before MLB got their hands on them?

Is he is dbag? Yes. Is he being done wrong by MLB? Yes.

The guy is done in a 2-3 years, and probably would be hurt 75% of the time anyways.. MLB is making this more of an eye sore then need be, andArod is fighting for his name, and money...
His name is shot, he already knows this. He saw the lack of HOF support PED guys are getting.

He's fighting this for the money. 100%
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