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I sent out a pm to everyone to see if anyone is interested in a 1 case snake draft. Please let me know so i can track if we loose anyone or who is in. I am pm'ing a mod to see if i can change the OP or if i need to resubmit for a new break.

Here is the PM i sent to each of you.

Well it looks like there is not a lot of people wanting to get in on the 2 case team draft break. Some of you showed interest in dropping it to a 1 case team snake draft with 16 slots to try and fill it up.

We currently have 8 spots spoken for but i am trying to figure out how the combined slot with oldgoldy97 & gamer4l1fe would fit into the new format and if everyone would still be in for this type break. The only way i see it still working for the combined slot is keep them as one slot and do a random between the 2 of them to see who picks their 1st team and who gets their 2nd pick. Let me know if this works for you goldy & gamer.

Everyone else, please let me know if this works for you as well or if you would like to be removed if we switch from the current style break. Thanks

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