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Originally Posted by Djameson79 View Post
He can't Appeal anymore, that was his appeal.

Good news for the Yankees. At least one year of his ridiculous contract won't have to be paid.
He can appeal, he can request the court grant an injunction against MLB for suspending him while the lawsuit he is going to file against MLB is heard.

Originally Posted by Ajax1723 View Post
I think the suspension more has to do with the interfering with the banned substance investigation than the actual steroid use itself.
It probably does, but MLB bought the evidence from a slimeball who was looking for a way out, how hard would it have been to add A-Rod's name to his database or his notes? Not hard.

Originally Posted by crazy4kinsler View Post
He says he never used and that everyone is stacking the deck against him. That's why he said he'd take things all the way to the federal level since he did nothing wrong.
Good for him, MLB has been playing dirty since day 1, I hope he gets justice.
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