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Originally Posted by thetheham View Post
LOL Whut?

Selke Votes by year for Bergeron

03/04- 0 votes
04/05 lockout
05/06- 0 votes
06/07- 0 votes
07/08- 0 votes
08/09- 0 votes
After playing with Toews
09/10- 4 votes
10/11- 59 votes
11/12- wins Selke
12/13- 164 votes


Good reply tho. Keep em coming.

This debate is seriously still going on? Is it lost on the OP that the Selke trophy isn't usually awarded to a younger player? Is it lost on the OP that Rod Brind'Armour and Pavel Datsyuk won the Selke in the six seasons leading into 2010-11?

I feel like I'm arguing with an idiot. It is not a slam on Toews to say he isn't as good or better than Crosby. I'd put him in the top-10 in the NHL, maybe even the top-5, and there is no shame in that.
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