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Originally Posted by finfangfan View Post
In all honesty, I tend to just ignore A) and B) inquiries unless it is from someone that I have already done deals with (even then I prefer C).
If I ask somebody if a card is for sale, and they just ignore my message, I find it to be terribly rude they couldn't take 2 minutes to write me back. It isn't too much work to respond "I'm not actively selling the card, but I'll listen to your offer." However, I don't generally cruise sketchcollectors and send random solicitations about card (I do receive them though). The only time I send unsolicited sale inquires is to posts in the break section. As far as not sending a dollar offer. If the card isn't for sale, why should I go through the trouble of determining a fair value? I'm not trying to get you to sell a card from your PC, I'm asking if you are planning to sell a card that you just pulled. If you didn't state whether or not it is available, I have no way to find out besides asking. Can't be bothered to respond?

In my experience, sending an unsolicited offer is a waste of time. Either the card is not for sale, or it is.
(1) If its not for sale, I'm done. Enjoy your card. Its not for sale, I'll move on with my life. There are plenty of cards for sale.
(2) If it is for sale, then the seller has a price in mind. If they say they want an offer, most* of the time its because they are trying to get more than they think it is worth. Every time I respond to a 'make an offer' post on Scoundrel, I get a counteroffer. Would have saved time if they just posted the price they wanted in their sale thread. That is why I don't check the sale threads over there very often.

*Yeah, sometimes people are planning on selling a card and just haven't put thought into its value yet. That is fair. Our lives don't revolve around buying and selling cards.
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