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Originally Posted by chipmaster View Post
He's one of the Blowout Founding Fathers and was on this site until a lot of you turd burglars scared him away

"Jugghead" was his alias
Yep, he was one of the good ones.

Originally Posted by Orangejello727 View Post
Reject and reprice is a scum move in my opinion. Nothing like sacrificing future purchases over $1.

I rather just sell it and make the man happy to open the opportunity for future sales. Especially if all its going to cost me is a few bucks!
That's your business model, it isn't mine or his apparently. Sometimes I get an offer and think, "hmm, haven't see activity on this is in awhile," then I check eBay, see that the card is hot and raise the price. If I've got the card at a bargain price and you make an offer to try to get it for less and I research, I think it's a you problem, not a me problem when I check to see what is up.

Originally Posted by calculusdork View Post
Sorry OP, the original post just reeks of entitlement.
Just another entitled millennial.

Originally Posted by peapod View Post
I have had the ratbatard raise the price during the offer process then counter with an offer higher than the original price.
Doesn't this turd work for Ebay? If so it shows where he gets his ethics.
So the company he works for is a problem... in this economy? You are a fool.

Originally Posted by jrod7290 View Post
Pretty sure he's one of the people who undercuts everyone by a penny. Kind of a tool move in my book.
Its a strategy. He has 100,000 cards in his port or so, I'm sure he isn't doing that on every card. I used that strategy but it is a race to the bottom and I stopped.

Originally Posted by 37Jetson View Post
I will simplify the concept for you.... If you do not like the price on COMC (even after an offer) then do not buy the card.
Bull's eye.

Originally Posted by Sauceman View Post
Jeez guys....The guy got offers on his card, and responded by RAISING the price. What was his intention there? It was to be a jerk. That is what this is all about. Jerk actions will be met with jerk responses. Its a card forum, not the church of morals.
Maybe it was a jerk move to try to get a lower price on a card that was already underpriced.

Let me summarize what probably happened. OP saw a card he wanted that was very underpriced and tried to get even more of a discount and made an offer. Seller checked and saw he was underpriced and raised his price. Now OP is butthurt because he couldn't turn the profit he could have if he just paid the asking price.
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