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Originally Posted by bigsmitt92 View Post
go ahead and give me one spot. I am in regardless, but how would the snake draft work, there are lots of inserts, base, numbered base, nunbered inserts, would each of those be a pick in each case, like all round numbers case 1, all round numbers case 2 etc etc etc. Just throwing this out there, I am thinking by the time this fills prices will have dropped, and I am fine with extra boxes over price drop
The snake draft would have us at 16 slots. It would start like a normal draft and #1 would pick the team they wanted followed by #2 then #3 and so on until all 16 have picked. At that time we would start again but we would start with #16 picking first then #15 and go backwards till #1 picked the last team.

As far as the inserts, I made a rule in the op so i wouldn't need to do 100 randoms for non Auto'ed cards.

1. Any card with more then 1 player / team or the card will go to team at the top unless it is autographed. All multi auto cards will be randomed by a Mod unless the participants that have ownership of that card agree to another arrangement.

Always Looking for Cincy Bengals Rc Auto's (AJ Green, Gio Bernard & AJ Mccarron Mostly)
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