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Originally Posted by jmscoggin View Post
The thing is that he will still be under contract with the Yankees. No way the Rays trade anything of value nor will they pay a decent sized amount of the contract. That would mean the Yankees would have to just non tender him. I'm thinking the Yankees hate him so much that they wouldn't do him that favor. I could see them leaving him in AAA or riding the bench before they will let him play somewhere he would enjoy or get his milestones. JMO.
Oh, yeah -- I was assuming the Yankees get out of the contract one way or another. That's true -- if they can't, he's ridin' the pine somewhere. At least they'll save a full year of his contract money -- but if he's a Yankee in 2015, they need to sign the reality TV show contracts now, because it's going to be a train wreck.
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