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Originally Posted by marino5084 View Post
Really? What gives you that right? Are you superior? I highly doubt it. I think that the douchers and Richards are the several people in this thread that believe they have the right to trash someone for the way they look or act. Not one of you are better than anyone else but you act as if you are. The world would be a much better place if people would accept others for who they are and not trash them to make themselves feel better.
Dude, you're doing the same thing as the people you are criticizing. And I categorically am a better person than Kim Jong-un, so if he ever opens an account here I will slate him mercilessly! I do agree with your general sentiment though.

To anyone else who might have found the posts in this thread a little distasteful, I'd like to say that the majority of my posts, at least, were intended to convey humour. Heck, I even called him intelligent and admitted to having laughed a couple of times at his videos.

I (and others tbf) have said it before and will repeat - people can do whatever they want with THEIR cards. I genuinely don't like JHS's practices so I don't deal with him. Simple.
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