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Originally Posted by gamer4l1fe View Post
If it's going to be a snake draft for sure 100% I don't think I want to split a spot I'd rather have both spots Sims. I misread thinking it was going to be a regular team draft. I don't want to get stuck at the 32nd team by random default by chance if I lose the random. It's completely different with the split being figured in on a snake draft. I'm sorry if this causes controversy. I don't want to risk 54 dollars extra that much honestly.
No worries, he contacted me and said if the payment was due after the 18th he would take a full slot. I will remove your 1/2 and add myself there until we figure out when this will fill.

This is going to become a 16 snake team draft break for 1 case!

I am updating the OP now.

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