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Originally Posted by ashelton View Post
Funny how much is just personal preference...
As an artist, I don't mind when people stop responding after prices are given because just about any way they respond besides "sign me up!" tends to lean toward insulting. Less is more, say "thanks" or whatever but don't offer excuses because we both know they're lame, yeah?

...But back to the topic - I prefer D in terms of politeness, but C if they're really serious. Anything that makes me have to contemplate pricing and how much I *really* want to keep it and whatnot has less chance of a response, or at least a timely response, because I am horrible at decision making. C is less effort on my part, I just have to decide if that number is worth it and I'll let you know.
Nice to hear an artists opinion!

You mention personal preferences, and I guess that is what it all boils down to. It is nice to hear others personal preferences.

I think it is also a lot like online dating. If someone doesn't respond to your inquiry, you pretty much know their answer!
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