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Originally Posted by yourmyboyblue2 View Post
I actually respected him at first for coming out, saying he messed up, and said he did provide the info. But after very minimal digging it was easy to see through the smoke. Why do they need to resort to blatant lies they know they will get caught? Why resort to having an attitude? Just be straight forward, admit your mistake, learn from it & move forward.

Oh & yes I know November is the 11th month, & that Christmas is in December the 12th month
I saw through it right from his first reply. Any answer he gave was very vague and as short as possible. He ignored any questions that could pin him down. In my training that is classic liar behavior. Is he lying? I don't know for sure but based on what I can see in this thread I would say it is a safe bet. Really no reason for it either. Just like you said, stuff happens, take your lumps, apologize and move on. Attacking members that are trying to figure out the truth is the absolute wrong way to handle it though. Unfortunately, that card can't be unplayed.
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