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Landed in Tampa Bay today and see where they have defeated the Flyers this afternoon and have tied the Bruins for 1st in the Conference!

Will be attending the game vs. the Isles Thur. night and will have to be rooting for those Isles.

Tonight's game in SJ has now taken on even more importance for the struggling B's if they want to return home still atop the Atlantic Conf.

Good news on the injury front as Eriksson will be returning along with Thornton who has served his 15 games.

The B's need to get on the board 1st this evening and start to play better with the puck in their own end. I look for Tuukka to bounce back tonight and regain that confidence that seems to have been lost the last few games.

A win on the road could do an awful lot in helping this club to turn things around prior to the scheduled break in Feb.

And good luck to the NE Patriots as they start their run in the 2014 NFL Playoffs!!

GO B'S GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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