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If I had something listed as "PC" and someone asked if I would sell it, I would have no issue telling them no problem, "make an offer". But I would expect them to make an offer and not ask what sort of price I was looking for it, because at the end of the day it is PC and I most probably do not have a price in mind other than if the offer is too good to say no too, I would sell it.

I had a case of this not too long ago actually with a item I had listed as "PC" and someone sent me a PM asking if I would sell and if so for how much. I messaged back saying make an offer and I will consider. Next message I got was an offer for 3/4 of what similar ones sold for on ebay because I "wasn't paying ebay fees". I politely messaged back saying I will pass as it was a PC item and would much rather keep it than sell for that. Top it off the guy interested back with a rude message saying they had to have "room to make profit" too. I ignored the this and the next three messages after that!
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