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This thread is giving me a headache. There is nothing more annoying than mile-long posts where someone picks apart every sentence in another post and repeats the same "arguments" over and over.

There is no hard evidence of any player being better than the other. It cannot be done. It cannot be broken down into some kind of equation that will spit out a definitive and unquestionable best player. And the more Cups argument that keeps coming up? Give me a break. Having one more Cup than a guy doesn't mean anything. Henri Richard must be twice as good as Gretzky if that's the case. You have to watch them out there, see how they read the play, the things they can do with the puck, how their teammates respond to them and elevate their game, then form your own OPINION and be done with it.

I love Toews and I think he's one of the best leaders in the game, but overall Crosby is the best player in the world. Want hard evidence? I can't give it to you because you can't quantify the skill or value of a player, especially in a team sport where the efforts of an entire team decide outcomes of games and championships.

And don't bother dissecting my post, I've formed my own opinion and I'm capable of walking away from a thread without feeling the need to continue slamming it down someone else's throat
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