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At Shuttuck St Marys Crosby played 57 with 162 points Toews while there played 64 games with 110 points. That's about how much your BS arguments mean,

Also Toews won his 2 cups after he played with Sid on team Canada in the Olympics so Sids the reason Toews was able to play so godly like in the Playoffs, He learned from the best. Also since Sid made Toews so much more of a complete player your argument of how Bergeron only won the Selke by playing wit Toews is wrong. Crosby Helped Toews who Helped Bergeron so Crosby is why Bergeron won.

If Toews didn't play with Crosby in in the Olympics then he would never have had any of the success he has now because Crosby taught him everything. I mean according to your logics it makes perfect sense.
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