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Originally Posted by Braves_Fan View Post
There are two Vortex locations that I know of one is a fe blocks from the Margret Mitchell House I mentioned earlier and the other was on Man VS Food which is on Moreland Ave between Pounce De Leon and I-20. The main thing no one has mentioned yet is while in Atlanta never leave valuables in your car and make sure to lock your car. We were at a restaurant and some theives smashed several windows and tooks laptops, purses, a GPS that was mounted on the windsheild, wallet with cash at the same place. You can break a window in under 30 seconds. They were also filming Dumb and Dumber here last year and someone stole a camera that mounts to a helicopter while the guys were in a IHOP!
Yes, the Vortex you're referring to is the one in L5P. As for the crime issues stated in this thread, "the true dirty south" etc.. I NEVER, have had a problem going downtown. Whether it be The Ted, The Fox, or The Dome. I have not had an issue at all.
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