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Originally Posted by msumarr54 View Post
Did you even read the post??? It was a Carlos Guillen xfractor WHO HAS BEEN RETIRED FOR TWO YEARS!!! and I'm far from an entitled "millennial". Why don't you go change your username again or improve upon your previous attempts at being a mod. I believe calculusdork was even in a similar predicament and I had to bust his chops over his comments here. Now I didn't bump this thread but my original opinion still stands........ He is a Richard and your previous ill-informed post tends to make me lean in that direction towards you as well.
Sorry then, you are an entitled jack-wagon from another generation then.

Obviously you wanted the Carlos Guillen xfractor but wanted to pay less. JSS didn't want to sell it to you for that price and you got upset and decided to call an innocent party something awful.

Case closed.
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