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Originally Posted by thetheham View Post
So what you are trying to say is the NHL needs to shut down right on the spot the second Sid gets hurt? When hasn’t a team suffered injuries? Or is Sid a special case or something?
yes, he is indeed a special case. this debate isn't about whether or not the Pens are the best, most talented, most stacked team in the league... in which case an injury to one player shouldn't matter much. it's about Crosby being the best player.... and when your team's best player (who just happens to consistently lead the league in scoring) misses significant amounts of times with serious injuries, it's worth noting.

it's not some sort of far-fetched excuse... it's just the simple reality.

Originally Posted by thetheham View Post
Even better, a NHL record 24 game unbeaten streak.
come on now... "unbeaten" streak? the fact is they were beaten 3 times during those 24 games. it was a point streak, not a winning streak. the Pens, however, had an actual winning streak of 15 games... second most ever behind another Pens team.

and then, of course, Crosby got his jaw shattered... things happen but no reason to ignore the obvious.

Originally Posted by thetheham View Post
Now you are trying too hard. Its his job as captain to rally the team he was placed the leader of. There is as much “AHL” talent on the Pens as there is on every other team, so again, save this fantasy conjecture when ijuries happen to every team and aren’t just a problem for the Pens. Blame Shero instead of propping up Sid.
again, you're ignoring reality. i forget the actual number at this point but it must be around 250 man-games that the Pens have lost this season to injuries so far... most of any team in the league, probably by a bunch. at one point our top 4 or 5 defensemen were out at the same time... we've lost Dupuis, part of the highest scoring line in hockey... Malkin, Neal, Letang, etc.

now remember, this isn't some excuse for them not playing well... just the opposite. it points to Crosby's leadership and talent. they kept winning through all that.

one more thing.... since when is "best olympic forward" such a coveted award? i've never seen or heard anyone point to it as proof of anything until you. yes, a committee decided to give Toews that award... good for him. but 2 words - Golden Goal.

finally... the Pens just had a 3 game Canadian road trip. i don't know that i've ever seen so many fans holding signs and wearing jerseys for an opposing player. and of course, Crosby takes the time to go out and meet them and sign autographs. now to be fair, I haven't watched when the Blackhawks hit those cities but i'm skeptical that Toews gets the same welcome. but maybe he does.

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