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Originally Posted by maleone41 View Post
need the payment info
Originally Posted by whodaman2310 View Post
yes please send me the payment info as well please
I sent it out via pm, looks like i messed up yours maleone41 but i just resent it. Whodaman2310, you should have it. Sent today @ 2:09 pm CST. I will post the pm below:

OK folks, we are full and in the active section. Payments are due within 48 hours after the break went active, So payments are due Wednesday January 15th by noon EST. Please review all of the rules in the OP to make sure we don't come up with any issues in the break.

Payments can be sent to via Paypal. Please remove the "you have Money" from the subject line of the payment and replace it with your blowout user name & Contenders FB.
(EXAMPLE: badsims - Contenders FB).

Please dont put anything else in the subject, this will help me out a ton when getting everything packaged up after the break. This will also help you get your cards as fast as possible. Also, please post in the thread after you make the payment so I know to update you as paid.

Payment amounts:

1. oldgoldy97 - $108
2. jk1323 - $108
3. gamer4l1fe - $108
4. bigsmitt92 - $108
5. jbmets95 - $108
6. mtlhawk33 - $108
7. Bdb3232 - $108
8. wfrazier - $108
9. whodaman2310 - $108
10. Diem926 - $108
11. FINS4LIFE - $108
12. MWS - $108
13. maleone41 - $213
14. adamdavidson47 - $ 205 (shipping to be paid after the break)

Thanks everyone & good luck,

Always Looking for Cincy Bengals Rc Auto's (AJ Green, Gio Bernard & AJ Mccarron Mostly)
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