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Originally Posted by Spider-Fan View Post
So, if you send me a meaage about something and I just blow you off... Next time you...?

We aren't talking about some back and forth negotiating that clearly isn't going anywhere. We are talking about somebody you haven't dealt with, sending an initial inquiry about a card. Once you have experience with somebody, that experience is going to impact all future interactions.

If I ask you about one of your cards and you just blow me off, I'm not contacting you about any other cards in the future. And chances are, if you contact me about one of my cards, you get treated with the same respect.
If I know someone from the board and they seem to be decent people (and you fit both counts) I would def. respond. If someone not fitting that bill gives a specific dollar offer, then I will also respond yes/no.

If it is someone I don't know, or someone who is notorious for being a lowballer or a jerk on the boards, then a non-response IS a response (i.e. N-O). It is not disrespect, it is just common sense. If they didn't take the time to make a concrete dollar offer in their initial message for a card I wasn't soliciting for sale, then they can't complain if I don't take time to respond.

To switch gears a bit... for those that like to inquire about an unsolicited card without providing a price quote, what would be your follow-up in the following scenario?

Inquirer of Unsolicited Card: Nice Card! Please keep me in mind if you want to sell.

Owner of card: If the price is right, all of my cards are for sale... what is your best offer?

Inquirer of Card: Fill in the blank


I am asking honestly. Because I don't want to be rude, but I also don't want to be drawn into a waste of time. Based on personal experience, the inquirer of the card will often STILL not give a concrete quote with his 2nd pm, even when requested in my response to his unsolicited inquiry. So, the guy conceivably had 2 chances to make a concrete offer (still not sure why anyone would find it rude to receive a concrete offer upfront), and has dropped the ball. At what time do you feel it no longer becomes rude for the owner of the card to simply ignore the guy?

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